Shoots & Leaves 1.2 Adds Automation, Mobile Blogging Features

Shoots & Leaves makes uploading photos to the cloud easy, and using those photos even easier. It turns photos into links with a single tap. Then it takes that link and does something useful with it, like creating a reminder, copying to the clipboard, or posting to your blog. No more cluttering your camera roll with photos of things you forgot you needed to do. And since uploads happen in the background, you don’t need to leave the app open. Just shoot, and then leave. With Shoots & Leaves you can:

  • Choose from multiple upload options
  • Use the photo link to
    • Send an email
    • Create a reminder
    • Send a message
    • Copy to the clipboard
    • Open it in Safari
    • Send to third-party apps
  • Create a template to customize text layout and optionally include date and time
  • Set default text to add, or be prompted while the photo uploads

Version 1.2, which is available today, includes a number of highly-requested new features:

  • Support for uploading to Amazon S3
  • Support for uploading to SFTP
  • Support for uploading to a WordPress blog
  • Support for posting to the WordPress App
  • Support for posting to the DayOne App
  • URL scheme for calling Shoots & Leaves from another app. Documentation:

The new URL scheme allows Shoots & Leaves to be launched from other apps, like Launch Center Pro. You can select the host and action to use, and even launch directly into the camera roll.

Shoots & Leaves is available on the App Store for $1.99. More information is available on the app’s web site. Screenshots are on there, and you can see a video of Shoots & Leaves here.

I would love for folks to try it out. I’ve included some promo codes below so you can.