purported AirPods

A new low-resolution video has been posted on YouTube that purportedly shows off an iPhone 7 Plus being unboxed. As with virtually all so-called leak videos, the footage is extremely blurry, and short on length. 

To make the footage even more suspect, the box features what appear to be wireless earbuds, or, as such a product will most likely will be known based on trademark filings, AirPods. An earlier leak indicated that Apple may bundle Lightning-enabled EarPods with a 3.5mm dongle for legacy wired headphones.

The video, which is entitled iPhone 7 Plus World Premiere OUT OF THE BOX!! features what closely resembles the iPhone 7 Plus dummy units that we’ve been seeing for a while now. The phone in the video appears to be running iOS 10, judging from the icons on the Home screen.

Again, the video is just way too blurry (240p) and devoid of the detail needed to vouch for its authenticity. It’s standard practice for fakers to create videos like this with just enough detail to make people wonder, but not enough detail to make outright debunking its existence an easy task.

All of that said, if it is fake, which I think it is, it’s a good-looking and elaborate fake. It’s worth noting, however, that the video is hosted on an iPhone concept channel, which is known for posting iPhone mockup videos. As such, creating an elaborate fake iPhone unboxing certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibilities for one with such skills.

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