Sumptus iPhone app

Just released Sumptus app for iPhone, expense tracker app, is available on the App Store:

Is it better than other available apps in the market? Yes, it is! And we’ll show you why.


The story behind the app:

Though there’re numerous expense tracker apps in the market, but none of them works properly for thousands of people with a very common work flow – simply save expense notes on the go during the day or business trip.  In particular the pain points we wanted to skip were: numerous fields needs to be filled out (really? on the go?), enter the income or attach a bank card (not secure), or complicated interface. All this is solved in Sumptus.

So what is Sumptus? It’s a very simple and easy expense tracker application for iPhone, that helps you save expense notes on the go. We’ve made it as simple as possible, since it’s obvious that when you’re on the go you can’t fill out dozens of fields and make numerous steps in order to save your expense.

Natural Language Input. Adding expense note in Sumptus is just a few taps away – launch the app, start typing your expense “Lunch 10” . Thanks to Natural Language Input, the application will recognise and save an expense accurately for you. Important note: Natural Language Input is a unique feature for expense trackers apps and at the moment it’s available in Sumptus app only.

Sleek pie-chart of expenses. Saving expense notes without analysing them is useless! Thus we’ve added a pretty simple analytics tool to visualise your expenses in pie-chart diagram, that points out the most expensive category. So far you can look through them and consider spendings you want to cut down. 

Categories. Use pre-defined categories or create your own custom categories. There is also one small but very pleasant feature – “smart categories”. While saving expenses and assigning them to categories, our advanced algorithm inside the app remembers the link between expense and category. The next time you enter an expense the category will be automatically assigned. Small but very time-saving feature.


Multiple budgets. An other great feature is multiple budgets, for example one is for personal or home expenses, an other is for business trips. Since I’m traveling a lot, for me this feature is vitally important as for many people. You can also save expenses in different currencies within one budget. At the same time while viewing a pie-chat with expense diagram, all expenses will be displayed in one default currency. The currency rate is always up to date.

And this is the half of list of the great features, which are available in Sumptus iPhone application. The best way to get know the app – try it out!

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