The best screen cleaner I’ve used

In the realm of technology, people are caught up in specs, configurations, and don’t often give much thought to how to actually clean their device. Doing so, isn’t hard at all–especially with a product I recently picked up that makes this process very simple.

The product is the WHOOSH! screen cleaner. It retails for $20 on their website, which is a really good value for what you get. In the box, you get two bottles of the actual screen cleaning solution. One for travel (smaller at 0.3oz) and one for main use (bigger at 3.4oz). This alone is especially convenient. I like to keep the travel sized bottle in my backpack for a portable cleaning solution for my iPhone and MacBook Pro. You will also get two double-sided microfiber cloths. One side for cleaning, and the other for ‘polishing’ as the company likes to call it.

What is different about WHOOSH! that other screen cleaners don’t have?

You can’t blame people for not giving a second thought to the screen cleaner they are buying, it is not something you’d generally worry about. However in my experience with many different types and brands of screen cleaners, at least one of the following happened:

  1. Solution is excessively scented (not pleasant, at that)
  2. Microfiber is very small, not effective (and only one is given)
  3. Microfiber leaves behind fibers on the screen
  4. Liquid goes very fast (not enough in the bottle)

This could just be me, but those are the main flaws I see in most screen cleaners. The WHOOSH! screen cleaner is not excessively scented (spraying the spray doesn’t smell up the area). The microfiber is square (I’ve seen circle ones, ugh) and they include two of them with double-sided features. The microfiber technology actually works, and in my testing does not leave fibers behind. Also, the double-sided polishing actually works (it gives a nice shine). And finally, there are two bottles included in the package, which means this will last you a long time, and at a very reasonable price of $20, it isn’t expensive to replace.


I know it seems odd I can write this much about a screen cleaner, but I write about products I legitimately like and use on a daily basis. And this is one of them.

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