Tings – Dare to Voice! 

BEIJING, CHINA – Introducing an anonymous social network centered around our most human form of expression – Voice. On Tings, users record up to 11 seconds of voice and choose from various morphing effects to create a post. 

Dare To Voice 

Dare to Voice” is Tings’ motto; encouraging users to share content that may not be better expressed in other forms, when it comes to emotion and personality. Unlike typical voice morphing apps like Tom Cat or Dubsmash, Tings takes a social networking approach; bringing people with related interests together through their voice, in a fun and secure way. 

Anonymous Sound 

Tings was created after the rise of anonymous social networks, as a challenge to the idea that anonymous content is only for secrets or gossip. With Tings being anonymous is more than that; it is about freedom. Because Tings’ users do not have a profile, one can speak in the most honest way; without concern that their public identity will be affected or that the wrong person will hear it. Tings levels the playing field and provides networking in the least superficial way. It is social networking with free speech and equality. 

Tings Main Features: 

•Record up to 11 seconds of voice and choose from 6 voice morphing effects. 

•Add quality wallpapers/photos to visually enhance your voice. 

•Include searchable tags in your post and instantly share to popular social networks. 

Tings version 1.2 was just released!  This update includes: 

•Addition of Touch ID or passcode to keep your Tings away from curious friends. 

1Password integration providing secure passwords without having to remember them. 

•Improvements to the voice morphing effects. 

About Beijing MIC Technology Co. ltd: 

Beijing MIC Technology Co. ltd is a group of 5 devoted to developing and promoting “Tings.” Located in Beijing, China, the team mixes Eastern and Western perspectives by employing Chinese, American, French and African nationalities. The company was started in 2014 when founders Fang Ning and Kevin Ting Wing Yuen sold a fantasy sports project named “Fantasy China,” and shortly after began work on Tings. 


Jessica Hughes 

Public Relations Coordinator, Tings, Beijing MIC Technology Co. ltd. 




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