, Inc., a leading provider of market data and information and a heritage dating back to1934, today announced significant upgrades to the free companion app for its financial website,  Available for iOS and Android devices, the mobile app’s technologically advanced configuration provides comprehensive financial data for US and Canadian stocks and indices, futures and Forex markets.  In addition to standard charting and data, users can access extensive analysis and information, company income statements, related stock options, headlines and news, and company performance reports – making the Barchart Mobile app advantageous for both professional traders and analysts as well as everyday, casual investors.


Since launching in November, the mobile app has been downloaded 100,000 times and has averaged five million screen views per month.


“Today’s savvy investors are rarely focused on only one stock, one type of investment or one market.  Yet, until now, to get a comprehensive view of multiple market data, investors would need to install up to half a dozen apps or more,” said Boris Wexler, director of web development for Barchart.  “Whether you are an institutional investor, manager of a billion dollar mutual fund or simply an individual investor trying to maximize your retirement savings, Barchart provides investors and traders with a comprehensive solution for managing and tracking multiple investments and accessing all of the information they need.”


Unlike other popular financial tracking apps, which are singularly focused on one market, the Barchart mobile app aggregates data and offers extensive coverage from all major financial trading markets.  As a result, investors can not only track the performance of multiple investments from multiple markets, but can also easily see the correlations and impact of market fluctuations and global financial news on their portfolio.   


“Rather than having to visit one site for stock data, one site for futures data and separate sites for news on the various financial markets, the Barchart mobile app is a one-stop-shop for users to get all of their financial news and data in a simple, easy-to-use format,” said Alan Knuckman, renowned financial analyst and senior marketing strategist for Barchart. “Barchart has been around forever and has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to providing market data.  With this app, they are reaffirming their leadership in this area.”


In addition to real-time BATS quotes, charts, technical analysis, fundamentals, news and options, Registered users can also view their saved portfolios, saved charts and local weather. To maximize user experience, Barchart has recently added cosmetic changes as well as significant upgrades including:

·       Multiple watch-lists track all types of symbols regardless of market on a

single screen

·       The stock screener filters through thousands of symbols based on 70

different criteria

·       A wide-range of opinion sources on one page with buy/sell indicators

·       The futuresheatmap provides insight on the market’s direction

·       Performance reports for each symbol 

·       European Futures, ICE, Eurex and Euronext

·       Forex major markets page with easy access and overviews 


The Barchart mobile app also provides a variety of features including in-app purchases, full access to Barchart Opinions, Trading Strategies, and over 50 chart studies.  Other standard features include:

·       Up to 12 screens of information on any symbol without having to leave the page

·       Market overviews with 30 different screener lists of new highs/lows, price, volume and performance leaders across all categories of symbols

·       Stock data, news and lists for US and Canadian markets

·       Exclusive commodity commentary


In addition, users can purchase the following add-on features:

·       Unlimited chart studies with access to 55 various technical indicators

·       Buy/Sell/Hold Opinions, Barchart’s proprietary technical rating system

·       Trading Strategies – historical hypothetical profits and Buy/Sell signals from thirteen different indicators including Barchart’s TrendSpotter algorithm


The Barchart mobile app can be downloaded on the App Store at and on Google Play at


For more information, please visit

Contact: Boris Wexler Director of Web Development, Inc. (312) 283-2366


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With a heritage dating back to 1934,, Inc. has substantial experience in meeting the information needs of the financial, media, agriculture and energy industries. As a full-service provider of equity, index, mutual fund, futures and foreign exchange market data, Barchart provides a wide range of market data products and solutions for customers ranging from institutional to retail. As an established leader in an industry that demands accuracy and innovation, Barchart’s goal is to form partnerships that deliver comprehensive solutions for success. For more information, please visit




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