Versatile Bluetooth Speaker Sets: LuguLake Lead the Trends in This Summer

Lugu Lake is a sacred place to Mosuo people in China. This amazing land breeds the most unique ethnic-Mosuo-the rare tribe now still existmatriarchy. Originate from Lugu Lake of Yunnan, LuguLake “inherit” the philosophy of simplicity and beauty. And that’s why we treat women equal with men customers.

LuguLake Brand took up its career in 2010. Starting from a professional developer, manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers, Qi wireless chargers and other smart accessories, LuguLake is expanding its versatile speaker series by developing household, outdoor, party need, personal Bluetooth Speaker. Whatever your age, profession and interests, LuguLake think about the entire possible scenario to meet your demand. We can make sure among LuguLake Bluetooth speakers, at least one model you will love to at first sight.

Bluetooth Portable Speaker Stand

Bluetooth Portable Speaker with stand/dock function

LuguLake Driver

Think about you are cooking for your family, today’s recipe is French salt baked shrimp, but you haven’t do before, here you can put your phone on the speaker dock, cooking the dinner while seeing the recipe and listening to music. Besides, you will no longer feel boring when you’re going the barbecue, yoga. This Bluetooth speaker dock frees your hands and allows you to enjoy music and videos on your tablets everywhere. It is designed to be light in weight and easily portable.

Bluetooth speaker dock is real 5-star speaker on Amazon shop. It’s perfectly compatible with MP3 players, desktop computers, laptops, PSP, smartphones (iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, etc) and tablets (iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 10, etc).

Featuring two 3-watt stereo speakers, the stereo audio system delivers high fidelity sound. Solidly built with aluminum, the speaker dock looks stylish and elegant. The aluminum is fine and fingerprint resistant. There is also an anti-skid rubber pad on the bottom to keep the speaker stable. The built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery (1000 MAH) allows the music playback to be up to 8 hours. It just cost half of Jawbone, quarter of JBL. So why don’t you try something new.

–Suitable for smartphone and tablet users, housewives, music and movie fans, game lovers, etc

–Suitable occasions:

Place your iPad on the speaker dock and watch news while cooking in the kitchen

Put it in your car and listen to music while driving

Use it to listen to music at family and friends gatherings, park picnics, outdoor BBQ, etc

Use it to listen to music while doing yoga or meditation

Great for gaming and other audio-related experiences

LuguLake UFO – Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker with backpack hook

Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker with backpack hook

LuguLake UFO

This portable Bluetooth speaker is designed to be shockproof and easily portable, a perfect choice for outdoor use. The speaker has a clip and you can connect it to your backpack. One of the greatest things about this speaker is that it has a built-in audio cable for plugging into your non-Bluetooth devices. You can also press the multi-function button to answer incoming phone call. The built-in lithium polymer battery is rechargeable and powerful.

–Suitable for outdoors sports enthusiasts, mountain climbers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts

–Suitable occasions:

Attach the speaker to your backpack during mountain climbing

Wear the speaker around your neck on a chain while hiking

Connect the speaker to your bike while cycling

Street dancers attach the mini speaker to their belts during performance

Crystal/Diamond Shaped Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Acrylic Mini Bluetooth Speaker for vogue

LuguLake Crystal

This crystal/diamond shaped mini Bluetooth speaker is built with acrylic which provides both looks and durability. Its built-in microphone allows you to use the speaker for hands-free phone calls. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 4 hours of wireless play.

–Suitable for teenagers who use smart devices for school or entertainment purposes

–Suitable occasions:

A nice speaker to have on a girl’s desk and bedroom table

Place on the living room to decorate your house

A sweet gift to give your girlfriend

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Cannon

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Cannon

LuguLake Boom

You can easily pair your compatible audio devices and listen wirelessly to your favorite music with this integrated Bluetooth 3.0 speaker. The sound is great with impressive bass. The lithium-ion battery provides up to 4 hours of wireless play.

–Suitable for businessmen, clients, office workers

–Suitable occasions:

Serve as a wonderful gift for coworkers and clients

Great for your car audio needs and answer the call.

Office use to answering the phone while using the computer.


Nice for cafes and tea houses