Vine for AppleTV (VidzTV App)

Hi there, we would like to inform your about our new AppleTV app: VidzTV

Enjoy Vine straight from your living room! brings you VidzTV, an unofficial Vine client for your AppleTV

We created this amazing APP because we wanted to experience the wonderfull vine experience in our living room.

Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion, and VidzTV brings this to the big screen.


Some of the features VidzTV includes:

•  Discover popular vines, editor’s choice vines and browse your own content.

•  Discover the popular vine Channels

•  Enjoy the vine featured channels

•  Login with your Vine account

•  Search Vine to find the vines and viners you like most!


While you’re enjoying this release of vidzTv, we are already working on the next release that will bring loads of amazing new vine

features to your appleTV



•  Your user profile

•  Click true other user profiles

•  VidzTV featured vines

•  Long vine compilation videos


We keep improving VidzTV! If you have any suggestions or feature requests, don’t hesitate to contact us at


VidzTV Homescreen


VidzTV Promo



VidzTV Login screen



VidzTV play vine video

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