Username and PasswordImagine a world where we didn’t use passwords to login to websites and business systems.  Every basic Internet website has always had the typical username and password.  Every time you needed to login to anything you needed to create a username and password.

As password theft has grown, many sites and systems now require you to create extremely complex passwords using numerous characters, uppercase and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.  You’re told not to use the same passwords on multiple websites in case one of them gets breached.  The result: a laundry list of crazy passwords that you can never remember.

Even with these outrageously complex passwords, hackers still manage to steal your passwords, whether through brute force attacks (a computer guessing your password until it succeeds) or through phishing (getting you to enter your password on a malicious site).  These techniques are exactly how the massive “hacks” have happened in recent news such as the iCloud “hack”Fingerprint Scanand Home Depot’s hack.  Both were caused by password theft.  So again, I ask: What if there was a way to securely login to these websites and networks without using passwords?

With the help of Apple’s secure Touch ID fingerprint system built-in to iPhones 5s and up, NoPass allows users to login to supported websites using only your fingerprint.  Without passwords, how can they be stolen?  The system is built so that no user can login to a website without having verified their fingerprint on their iPhone.  Only the registered user has access to his or her account.  Even if a user’s phone is stolen, the thief would still need the user’s fingerprint to login.  In the event a user does lose their phone, NoPass also has the ability to securely change your linked device to a new one.

Join the No Password Movement and stop using passwords.  It’s time for a change!

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