If you have an iPad you may be considering selling it if you want to upgrade to the new iPads which we now know will be announced on October 16th. You may be wondering when you should start looking into selling your old iPad to help offset the cost of buying the latest and greatest from Apple. Device values drop over time but you have options to help you make the best decision when selling your iPad. The list that follows will help you find the best place to sell your iPad (iPad Air prices are shown).

Sell Your iPad with eBay or Craigslist


Payout Amount: $345 – $540 (asking prices)

Payment Options: PayPal, Check, Money Order, and others

Fastest Payment Option: PayPal or other Electronic Payment Options (Once Buyer Pays)

Price Lock: Not Offered

Reasons to Use: eBay will net you more money than most other options but requires the most work. You must have an eBay account and hope to have feedback to help entice buyers to purchase from you. In addition to that, you must arrange and pay for shipping with the money you receive from the sale. If using PayPal you will need an account with them as well. eBay charges a listing fee as well as a final value fee which equal to about 10% of the sale price. If you are being paid through PayPal, there will be fees taken out from that as well. You also may need to wait 21 days to receive your funds from your PayPal account if you are a newer seller.


Payout Amount: $409 – $675 (asking prices)

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Money Order

Fastest Payment Option: Cash, Check, Money Order (Once Buyer Pays)

Price Lock: Not Offered

Reasons to Use: Craigslist will give you the best opportunity to make the most cash and get it in your hand quicker than eBay, all with no fees. Be advised that you must list the item and describe it, as well as arrange a meeting with the buyer to sell it. You will have to deal with many emails from people asking different questions and at times will ask you to adjust your price. When it comes time to actually meet the buyer, be sure to meet in a safe place like a coffee shop or bank to lower your chances of being scammed.

Trade-In Your iPad/ Buyback Options


Payout Amount: $230 – $380

Payment Options: PayPal, Check

Fastest Payment Option: PayPal (Same Day)

Price Lock: January 1, 2015

Reasons to use: UpgradeSwap pays out high prices and offers features that no other company has. One option is their 2015 Price-Lock Guarantee for payment by check. This is the industry’s longest price-lock and can help make those upgrading feel at ease when the time comes to send in their device. Another unique feature is their same-day payment option. They will pay you the same day you list your device if all requirements are met. The same-day payment option doesn’t have a price-lock guarantee so you won’t be able to take advantage of that. A free shipping box and return label are included with every order placed. Lastly, UpgradeSwap is throwing in a $25 Amazon Gift Card with each iPad sold using the check option.


Payout Amount: $230 – $335

Payment Options: PayPal, Check, Amazon Gift Card

Fastest Payment Option: PayPal / Amazon Gift Card (Approximately 7 Days)

Price Lock: December 31, 2014

Reasons to use: Gazelle is probably the most popular buyback company. Gazelle makes it simple to sell your device and will give you a quote quickly just like the other buyback sites. Gazelle is offering an December 31st Price-Lock Guarantee. You can choose multiple payment options but if you choose PayPal, remember fees will be involved. A free shipping box and return label is included. Gazelle is also offering a $20 credit for all iPads sold.


Payout Amount: $232 – $340

Payment Options: PayPal, Check

Fastest Payment Option: PayPal (Approximately 7 Days)

Price Lock: Varies by Seller

Reasons to use: uSell has also been in business for some time. uSell takes an approach which involves comparing different buyback companies to give you a list to choose from when wanting to sell your device. You can choose to get paid by PayPal or check. PayPal fees will be involved if you choose that payment method. A free shipping box and return label is included.


Payout Amount: $230 – $385

Payment Options: PayPal, Check, or Target Gift Card

Fastest Payment Option: Target Gift Card (Same Day In Store)

Price Lock: 30 Days

Reasons to use: Nextworth has been a big player in the recommerce space for many years and offers a quick way to sell your device. Quotes are valid for 30 days and free shipping and insurance is always included. Target has partnered with Nextworth so you can go into a store and trade-in your device on the spot for a Target gift card. Nextworth is offering a $10 credit for all iPads sold (promo code OCTIPAD10).

No matter what method you use to sell your old iPad, there’s plenty of ways for you to sell it to offset the cost of buying the new iPad. Some options will give you a bigger return but will involve more work on your part while others make it fast and easy if that’s what you prefer. As always there are choices, that’s what makes it nice.

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