Why Apple Watch matters [Infographic]

Smart watch market has been an emerging market which finally forced the giants in the tech markets to jump in. Among these included Apple which got into business very late but within an amazing way. Apple Watch became the face for Apple in the market which not only did a remarkable role for Apple but also for the market as well.

This remarkable role has been the reason due which Tim Cook proudly claimed that ‘Apple Watch is the only smart watch that matters.’ When this claim was made the Watch was a new thing for market and now we have a performance review alongside the details of the Watch. Thus let’s find out why Apple Watch matters with the cool infographic below.

Apple watch is internally powered at the level of original iPhone. The S1 chipset is equivalent to the A5 which is successfully used in iPhones 4S and iPad 2. Design is another field where Apple Watch is unique. For the first time we have smart watch in the size of 28mm and 42 mm. Battery of Apple Watch once fully charged can run for over 18 hours while using different functions while up to 48 hours if used for time check only.   Apple defines in details the Full Day Charging here.

Against the other smart watches in the market Apple brings it’s unique Taptic engine which allows soft and hard touch features. The Digital Crown makes the watch interesting to use. By rotating and pushing the crown you can control the watch and perform various tasks instead of tapping on screen again and again. And the best part against the competitors is the perfect heart rate monitor that measures heart rate for up to 10 minutes and works with Apple health app.  

And finally all the features of smart watch are perfect with Apple experience. You can made calls, send messages and surf web.

The Watch actually proved that it matters by its record breaking sales on day one. As per market statistics the sole performance of Apple Watch on the day of launch was greater than the performance of ruling Android Wear through the year 2014.  

The watch was not only a surprise for the smart watch market but also for the Apple itself. According to Apple’s data the company sold about one million Apple Watches in one day beating all others. Apple’s iPad reached one million sales in 28 days while the mark was achieved by iPhone in 74 days. 

Although the Apple Watch charm did not continue as it was on the day one and now the reports suggest it will not be able to achieve the sales targets of the year. Still Apple Watch has a big positive impact on the smart watch industry.

Why Apple Watch matters