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Twelve South debuts SurfacePad variant for iPad mini, teases iPad Air version


Twelve South, makers of fine accessories for Apple products, debuted a new version of its popular SurfacePad case for the iPad mini today. The new case is very similiar to the existing iPhone version. It’s made of leather that covers both the front and back of the iPad. A built-in stand allows you to watch videos in landscape at a comfortable angle.

Like Apple’s own Smart Cover, the SurfacePad uses a set of magnets to automatically put the iPad to sleep and wake it up when the cover is opened and closed.

The SurfacePad for iPad mini is available for $69.99 on the Twelve South website. It comes in three colors: black, white, and red. The company says it is currently working on a version of the case for the full-size iPad Air which will be available this Spring.

Review: BassJump 2 Subwoofer for MacBook Air (video)

Twelve South has sent us their just announced BassJump 2 portable subwoofer. The original BassJump’s focus was to be a subwoofer add-on to your MacBook Pro/Air speakers. The BassJump 2 is more of a software update, than hardware, but we figured we’d check out the full package to tell you if its a peripheral that deserves a spot on your desk.

The BassJump 2 is available for $69, including free shipping and the new software. BassJump 2 ships with beautiful packaging and includes the subwoofer inside, a USB cord, and a carrying case for when you need to take your BassJump on the go. So how does it compare to the Macbook Air’s “internal bass” and is it worth the $69 price tag? Read on after the break for the full review, gallery, and video.