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Want to get the feel of your own Apple Watch today? Print your own …


Ok, a solid chunk of plastic might not be very functional, and the finish doesn’t quite compare with that of the real thing, but if you’re really keen to get a sense of what the Apple Watch might be like on your wrist – and which of the two sizes might be right for you – you can now create a 3D-printed model.

Concept designer Martin Hajek is offering “highly detailed” 3D-printing models compatible with most 3D printers, including Makerbot and Ultimaker. The models include both 38mm and 42mm sizes so you can see which best fits your wrist.

The download file will cost you 35 bucks. If you don’t have your own 3D printer, you may be able to find one near you thanks to companies like UPS and Staples offering their own 3D printing services – and you can search for individuals and small businesses on the Makexyz site.

The real thing is currently on display at a Paris fashion retailer, with whispers that Apple may be aiming to have it on sale by Valentine’s Day. Third-party companies have already started offering accessories for the device.