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Actev Smart-Kart

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Arrow Smart-Kart gives parents iPhone-controlled speed limiting & geofencing for their boy/girl racers [Video]


Ok, I officially want to be a kid again. Actev is this weekend launching the Arrow Smart-Kart. For kids aged 5-9, the message is that it looks and sounds like a race kart (thanks to speakers with artificially-generated V12 engine sounds), has GPS and WiFi – and it can do donuts.

For parents, the message is all about safety. The Smart-Kart has automatic collision avoidance, and a companion app allows them to set a speed limiter (anything up to the maximum 12mph) and a geofence. If their child tries to drive outside the geofenced area, the motor automatically switches off. If kids get too carried away, parents can perform a remote emergency stop and then put the kart gear into Park. Spoilsports.

It’s currently available on pre-order at $600 for the kart, plus $100 for the race-style body kit – and $50 for the drift kit that wraps around the rear tyres to reduce grip enough to do those donuts. So not cheap, but not outrageously more expensive than non-smart competitors. The free companion app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Sure beats the Anki Drive – though that is admittedly rather cheaper.

Via The Verge