Philips announces iOS SDK & APIs for Hue wireless lighting system

Philips announced today that it launched an SDK and opened APIs to iOS developers who are interested in creating apps that work with its “Hue” personal wireless lighting system. The company started selling its smart, Internet-connected LED lighting system in October exclusively through the Apple Store.

Philips today, as promised, launches a software developer program for Hue that allows consumers to create and control their light bulbs using a smartphone or tablet. In publishing Hue’s open application programming interfaces (APIs), as well as releasing guides and libraries in an iOS software developer’s kit, Philips reinforces its commitment to helping the developer community start programming with Hue. This move opens the playing field for third party developers to create new, exciting applications using light, enabling Hue to communicate with a variety of devices and applications (apps). Philips Hue’s developer platform is available at

The Hue system allows iOS users to control lighting from their iPhones or iPads by enabling Hue bulbs to talk to iOS devices and one another using the ZigBee LightLink standard. The Hue app provides pre-programmed light settings for the bulbs, timers, and much more, but now developers will be able to create even more great apps that work with Hue.

One app that just hit the App Store is Ambify from developer Kai Aras. The app is described as a Hue-enabled jukebox that “turns music into light using Philips Hue Smart Bulbs.”

The full press release is below: