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iPhone and Apple Watch MagicBand option coming to Walt Disney World Resort

iPhone and Apple Watch MagicBand

Walt Disney World Resort has long offered a MagicBand wristband as an electronic pass, and has now announced an iPhone or Apple Watch MagicBand option.

Instead of purchasing Disney’s own NFC band, you will be able to create a Disney MagicMobile pass that is added to your Apple Wallet. You can then simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the readers to gain park entry, and charge refreshments and merchandise to your hotel room…

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Feature Request: Option to automatically remove expired boarding passes & tickets from Wallet

boarding pass

As a paperless kind of guy, I’m a huge fan of the Wallet app. I especially like the way it integrates all my cards, etickets and boarding passes into one place, rather than having to go hunting for them in a dozen different apps.

But there’s one small detail Apple appears to have forgotten which means there is still some hunting involved …


MLB piloted first ever NFC tickets in Apple Wallet; 23 teams offering them next year

We learned back in June that iOS 11 would for the first time allow third-party developers to access the NFC chip for their own apps, for the first time extending its use beyond store reward and gift cards through Apple Pay.

Major League Baseball says that it has been trialling the first ever NFC tickets in Apple Wallet. A trial by Oakland Athletics lasted for six games, and was evidently deemed a success as 23 MLB teams will be using the technology next year …