AppleCare Protection Plan Stories December 21, 2012

After making changes to AppleCare in Italy, antitrust authorities fine Apple another $264K

Following Italian authorities forcing Apple to make changes to its AppleCare Protection Plan warranty policies, and Apple taking the product off retail store shelves, Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato has once again fined Apple. The antirust authority originally fined Apple $1.2 million for misleading consumers regarding a two-year warranty mandatory by EU law, and today the AGCM said it will fine Apple another $264,000 (€200,000) for failing to make changes to its warranties between March 28 to the Nov. 10 (via TNW):

In light of the above considerations, it was determined that Apple’s behavior during the period of 28th March 2012 – 10th November 2012 constitutes non-compliance with resolution no. 23155 of 21st December 2011, as modified by resolution no. 23193 of 11th January 2012.

The fines will be split between Apple Sales International, Apple Italia S.r.l, and Apple Retail Italia S.r.l.

AppleCare Protection Plan Stories November 12, 2012

Last we heard, Apple was being threatened with closure of its Italian operations if it did not make necessary changes to its warranty policies following an investigation by the Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato. The authorities had previously fined Apple $1.2 million, claiming the company failed to inform consumers about a two-year warranty mandatory by EU law. Now it appears Apple has officially taken its AppleCare Protection Plan products off the shelves in Italy with only online versions of the product still available to Italian customers.

setteB.IT shared the image above showing what is apparently an email from Apple Distribution International in Ireland to Apple resellers in Italy. Apple informed resellers that it would stop selling all AppleCare Protection Plans in Italian Apple Stores as well as through authorized resellers. From the email, it also appeared Apple will no longer offer AppleCare-related services over the phone in the country.

setteB.IT also noted Apple has updated the terms for AppleCare on its Italian website. Rather than a “1 year warranty”, the website now reads “AppleCare plans benefits are added to the 2 year warranty of the seller, required by Italian regulators to protect the consumers.”

A full translation of the email is below:

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