Aspyr Media Stories January 24, 2013

Aspyr releases ‘Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy’ for Mac, available now for $9.99

Aspyr, the company behind the majority of your favorite Mac games, today announced that the classic Star Wars title Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is now available for Mac. Available as a Steam Play title on Steam, or for $9.99 through the Mac App Store and Aspyr’s GameAgent store, Aspyr told us the critically acclaimed title has been completely overhauled for the Mac:

We’ve completely overhauled the game, fixing tons of old bugs and ensuring the titles works on the latest hardware and OS. We think the game holds up great even to today’s standards…I mean, who doesn’t like a good old fashioned lightsaber battle?

We recently sat down with executives from Aspyr to find out how they port games to Mac and get their take on the future of Mac gaming. Check the full interview here.

Aspyr Media Stories January 16, 2013


The introduction of the Mac App Store, at least for the Mac’s biggest game publisher Aspyr Media, hasn’t been entirely smooth. Aspyr recently outlined some issues with bringing multiplayer to Mac games due to Game Center and sandboxing restrictions of the Mac App Store, and developing separate versions of games for Steam and the Mac App Store continues to be a hurdle. An example is Borderlands 2. It took Aspyr just two months to ship the Mac version, but the Game Center multiplayer won’t arrive until sometime early this year. However, executives at the company promise Apple’s enthusiasm toward gaming on Mac is stronger than ever thanks to the Mac App Store. Aspyr also said it has much planned for 2013 in Apple’s store and remains platform agnostic, despite running its own competitive GameAgent store.

9to5Mac recently had the chance to speak with Aspyr Vice President of Publishing Elizabeth Howard, with input from CEO Michael Rogers and other execs, about the process of porting games to the Mac App Store, the company’s relationship with Apple and publishers, and the possibility of bringing iOS titles to OS X.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Aspyr is one of the biggest Mac game publishers bringing PC and console titles to OS X. It regularly leads many of the top paid and grossing charts on the Mac App Store thanks to high-profile releases such as Borderlands 2, RAGE, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and much more. Go below for the full interview and a chance to win Borderlands 2 for Mac. expand full story

Aspyr Media Stories December 19, 2012

Borderlands 2 hits the Mac App Store 25 percent off for the holidays with exclusive content

After coming to Steam last month, Mac games publisher Aspyr has announced the Mac edition of 2k Games’ popular Borderlands 2 title is now officially available at the Mac App Store. Aspyr also made the game 25 percent off on the Mac App Store for the holidays at $44.99. Multiplayer and Game Center support won’t come until early 2013 in a free update, but exclusive to the Mac App Store version is: the new Fired Up skins, a unique head for each vault hunter, and “a Contraband Sky Rocket Grenade mod.”

Those who purchased the game on Steam will also get access to the Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage DLC on Mac today for $9.99:

Today is also a big day for Mac players who have already purchased Borderlands 2 from Steam or other fine outlets such as  The newest Borderlands 2 DLC, Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage comes to the Mac with tons of new content and challenges players to enter the Badass Crater of Badassitude!  Mr. Torgue is priced at $9.99, supports Steam Play, and is included for purchasers of the Borderlands 2: Season Pass.  Check out for more details.

Aspyr Media Stories September 21, 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops finally lands on Mac OS X Sept. 27

Aspyr Media is bringing Call of Duty: Black Ops, originally released in 2010 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, to Mac OS X later this month with the release of the game through Steam, GameAgent Store, and a Mac App Store release shortly after. The title will hit Macs for $50 and come bundled with the First Strike Content Pack DLC.

In addition to Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Rezurrection Content Pack will also be available for purchase at launch for $14.99. This content pack will be available through the same retail outlets as the game and as an in-app purchase for those that buy the game from the Mac App Store. The other two Black Ops Content Packs, Escalation and Annihilation, will be available on the Mac later this year as a bundle…Game requirements can be found on the product page or on, where players can use the site’s Mac Match feature to determine whether or not the game will run on their machine. To find additional info on the game, including a FAQ, please visit the GameAgent Blog.

[via TheLoop]

Aspyr Media Stories May 24, 2012

Company of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition for Mac download for $20


Today only, MacUpdate offers downloads of Aspyr Media’s Company of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition for Mac for $19.99. That’s the lowest price we could find for this real-time strategy game by $28. Click here for more information.

Aspyr Media Stories April 19, 2012

Apps: Quake 4, Plants vs Zombies, Plex, Sketch Nation Studio…

A number of notable apps received updates today in addition to Aspyr Media announcing the release of “Quake 4” for Mac as a digital download through the Mac App Store for $20. Another new release today is “Sketch Nation Studio” from Engineous Games, which is “an amazing free app where users create and play their own games or download games from other users.” You can even potentially sell your games through the App Store and make money.

Below is a list of some of our favorite apps that received updates today:

Plex: The Plex media server iOS companion app received tons of fixes today and localizations for dozens of countries.

NEW: Allowed selecting an additional video quality for cellular connections in addition to the required 64Kbps stream (requires Plex Media Server or later).

VLC Remote for iPad: While a full re-design of the app is on the way to match the design of the iPhone counterpart, version 5.80 of VLC remote for iPad is available now with Retina graphics for the new third-genration iPad.

Dragon Dictation: Localization updates in version 2.0.20

Plants vs Zombies: All of the Plants vs Zombies iOS apps received huge updates today to version 1.9.2. The biggest is for the HD iPad version. Here’s what you will get:

New fun-dead action on iPad! Zen Garden, Vasebreaker, new mini-games and much more to munch on:

-ZEN GARDEN: Relax and start a plant collection in your Zen Garden. Find new plants in the game, or get Marigolds and Mystery Sprouts from Crazy Dave. Treat your plants well, and they’ll reward you nicely.

-VASEBREAKER ENDLESS: It’s not just a mini-game anymore! Try to survive all 9 unique levels as you battle zombies hiding in vases. It’s smashing fun!

-I, ZOMBIE ENDLESS: Change sides for a while and give your fun-dead friends a hand through this 9-level game mode. Help zombies get past the plants to their brainy rewards.

-FOUR NEW MINI-GAMES: Try your hand at Slot Machine, Zombiquarium, Portal Combat, and Beghouled Twist — a fun new set of mini-game challenges!

More awesome fun:

-28 NEW ACHIEVEMENTS: Earn even more ways to prove your zombie-zapping prowess.

-LEADERBOARDS: Check out the 5 unique Game Center leaderboards and see where you rank.

-COIN PACKS: Want great new stuff? Check out the brand-new coin packs for purchase on the Main Menu.

And now, the zombies are speaking your language! We’ve added language support for French, Italian, German and Spanish!

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