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Betaworks launches ‘#Homescreen’ to make app sharing and discovery easier

Homescreen Betaworks App

If you have ever caught yourself peering at someone else’s iPhone home screen, be it the person sitting next to you on the subway or in a college lecture hall, look no further. New York-based startup studio and venture capital firm Betaworks on Monday released a new app called #Homescreen for sharing your iPhone home screen and discovering apps.  Expand

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Popular ‘Dots’ iPhone game updated with iPad support, new multiplayer mode, more


The extremely popular ‘Dots: A Game About Connecting’ title for iPhone, which happen to hit around 100 million games played in just a couple weeks after its launch last month, today received an update that brings the title to the larger screen with support for iPad.

Not only is Dots coming to iPad users today, developer Betaworks One is also rolling out a new multiplayer mode that allows users to pass their “iOS device between friends to compete on the same board.”

The iTunes release notes also mention that “Shrinkers now 5 / 500 dots to balance gameplay.” One thing to keep in mind: One commenter warns that on iPad dots are “so tiny now you can barely see the dots never mind connect them.”

A future update to the app will also include a new “Timeless mode.”

The update includes a couple other performance improvements as well:

What’s New in Version 1.7

What’s New
· iPad Support!
· Multiplayer mode! Pass your iOS device between friends to compete on the same board.
· High-contrast color options for color blind players

Heads Up
· Shrinkers now 5 / 500 dots to balance gameplay

Bug Fixes
· No more repeating colors dropping
· Fixes to the high score system
· Ability to disconnect from Twitter/Facebook