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Bill Nye The Science Guy will headline his own session at WWDC

Science GuyAccording to Apple’s WWDC 2013 app which was released this morning, former TV show host Bill Nye will present his own session at WWDC, detailing how he came to know and understand the process of science. This session stands out amongst the others at WWDC, breaking the trend of iOS and Mac focused programs.

In the past, WWDC lunchtime sessions have been hosted by other notable guests such as LeVar Burton, Willian Joyce, J.J. Abrams, and more.

The Bill Nye the Science Guy® show is celebrating its 20th Anniversary.  The Science Guy himself will describe the remarkable chain of events that led to his understanding of  the process of science, the need to engage young people, and the power and joy of knowing our place among the stars, our place in space.  We’ve had 20 years of the Science Guy; today, there’s an app for that…

If you’ll be at WWDC, you can catch Bill’s unusual session on Friday, June 14th during lunch.