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Bomb threat

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Apple employees at headquarters in Cork, Ireland evacuated following bomb threat [Update: All clear!]

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[Update: Apple has confirmed plant evacuation of Cork facilities following ‘threatening emails’ the company received. The situation has now been dealt with and employees are returning to work.]

According to local news, Apple’s plants in Cork, Ireland have been evacuated following a potential security threat in the area. Around 4000 workers have been told to leave premises at Apple’s facilities in Lavitts Quay, Hollyhill and Model Farm Road. Although details are scarce, Defence Forces told The Independent that explosive ordnance disposal teams are on standby in case they are needed. Employees have been waiting outside for over 2 hours now, as local ‘Gardai’ police respond to the bomb threat.


Bomb scare closes Tokyo Apple Store as handwritten note demands talk be cancelled


Apple cancelled a talk scheduled to be held yesterday at its Tokyo Ginza retail store after a handwritten bomb threat was received, reports Public Slate. The store was closed for an hour while police searched for explosives, but nothing was found.

The event was to feature guest, Isao Yukisada, a Japanese film director. The director was scheduled to speak at 2 p.m.

It’s not known why the event was targeted.

The store previously made the news when it opened its doors early to allow queuing iPhone customers in before an approaching typhoon hit.

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