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Clubhouse downloads plummet to 900,000 in April as competition grows

Clubhouse quickly became a huge success earlier this year, reaching over 8 million downloads in the iOS App Store in February. However, as the competition grows, things are not going well for the audio-based social network. A new report claims that the app registered around 900,000 downloads in April, dropping from a peak of 9.6 million downloads three months ago.

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Looser privacy terms enforced by WhatsApp; Clubhouse chats breached

Looser privacy terms enforced by WhatsApp

Looser privacy terms for WhatsApp, which led some users to seek alternative chat apps, will be enforced from May 15, says the company. Anyone who has not agreed to the new terms by that date will no longer be able to read or send messages, and face the prospect of their account being deleted altogether.

Separately, the invitation-only audio chat app Clubhouse has suffered a security breach that has seen audio feeds made available on a third-party website…

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