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Second Apple Store in Cologne, Germany, appears confirmed by tables & spiral staircase markings


Long-standing rumors of a second Apple Store in Cologne, Germany, appear confirmed by the appearance of Apple’s trademark wooden tables on the upper floor, visible in photos taken from the building opposite. Macerkopf reports that Apple began renovation work after fashion brand Pohland moved out of the wedge-shaped building a few weeks ago.

One of the photos also shows what appear to be markings for the position of the other signature Apple Store feature: the glass staircase.


The site says that the store, located on Schildergasse, is unlikely to open before the fall. The existing Apple Store in Cologne is located at the Rhein Center.

Apfelpage has a closer view of the tables:


It was announced earlier this month that Apple will open its second retail store in Hangzhou, China, on Friday.

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Germany’s ninth Apple store to open in Rhein-Center mall, Hong Kong eyes second store in Festival Walk mall

Apple recently unveiled Germany’s ninth Apple Store on its website (translated). The latest shop will open Sept. 1 at 10 a.m. in Cologne’s Rhein-Center shopping mall. It is located on the top floor next to Zara and across from Lush. According to German news blog iFun (translated), those who wait in line to gain entrance will receive a limited number of T-shirts.

In related news, Apple’s signage now covers a second spot in Hong Kong. The gray, simple look indicates a new retail store is coming to the Festival Walk mall in the Kowloon Tong area, according to Engadget China (translated), which also posted a few pictures, as seen below. The report said the store could open in September, but the date is not confirmed.

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Upcoming Apple Stores: Germany, Spain, Australia, and France’s Burgundy wine region

We already knew from Apple’s 10-K report in October that the company planned to spend approximately $900 million on retail stores during 2012. The investment would account for the opening of roughly 40 new locations throughout the year. At least some of that investment will be going toward three new stores in Germany, one in the northwest region of Spain, and others in Australia and France’s Burgundy wine region.