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Video: John Oliver comically summarizes the Apple/FBI iPhone encryption backdoor debate, featuring mock Apple ad [NSFW]

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The Apple/FBI iPhone encryption backdoor debate continues to ramp up, with an FBI filing late last week causing Apple SVP Bruce Sewell to describe the case as a smear campaign against the company. Apple and the FBI take the battle to the courts officially on March 22nd, the day after Apple’s spring media event.

Although the topic at hand is clearly important, where the government is asking Apple to make software to undermine the security of iPhones, the bureaucracy of court proceedings can make the (continuing) story pretty stale and laborious. In a Last Week Tonight segment, comedian Jon Oliver humorously presents the opposing arguments without losing the underlying factual basis.

Watch the video after the break …


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xkcd has fun trying iOS 8 predictive text with famous movie quotes


My favorite iOS 8 feature is one of the simplest: the uncannily-accurate predictive text functionality, offering not just auto-complete of the current word but trying to predict the next one too.

xkcd cartoonist Randall Munroe decided to have a bit of fun with the feature, typing in the openings of a number of famous movie quotes and seeing how iOS 8 would complete them. “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not going to the gym today” is my favorite.

Unlike many of the entries at sites like, which are simply made up, all of Munroe’s examples are genuine. The feature does learn from your own vocabulary and phrasing, however, so results may vary.

xkcd is well worth bookmarking by anyone who loves technology and science.


To see how to get the most from some of the features introduced in iOS 8, check out our ‘How-to’ series:

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Preview the first chapter of the official Steve Jobs manga series available today


An officially licensed Steve Jobs manga comic series from artist Mari Yamazaki is set to hit shelves today as part of the May issue of comic anthology Kiss, and now a preview of the first chapter has made its way online. pointed us to the preview of the series based on Walter Isaacson’s Jobs biography now available on Yahoo Japan. It can also be viewed below: