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AAPL revenue will continue to grow, says analyst, as pandemic sees people buying better tech

AAPL revenue will continue to grow

AAPL revenue grew a remarkable 21% in the holiday quarter, the company setting new records for both revenue and profit. One notable Apple analyst suggests that the good news is set to continue, and is forecasting 15% year-on-year growth when the company reports its fiscal Q2 earnings later this month.

Horace Dediu says the story is a remarkable contrast to some of the doom-and-gloom predictions made when the pandemic first hit …

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All Apple Stores in France closing voluntarily for third national lockdown

All Apple Stores in France closing

All Apple Stores in France are closing from tomorrow as the country returns to a stricter lockdown. Previously, some flagship stores in the center of the city had remained open, while those in shopping centers have remained closed since the end of January.

Although France tomorrow enters its third national lockdown, the move by Apple is actually a voluntary one …

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Another Apple patent application for under-screen Touch ID, using reflected light

Will iPhone 13 offer under-screen Touch ID

There have been multiple suggestions that Apple plans to adopt under-screen Touch ID for the iPhone 13, given that masks have greatly reduced the usefulness of Face ID. The company already has a bunch of patents for different ways to pull this off, and has today applied for an interesting new one.

Apple explains that optical fingerprint reading can be unreliable for two reasons, and explains how it would address these …

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Apple helps develop COVID-19 test kits; boosted output by 4,000%

COVID-19 test kits

COVID-19 test kits have been in short supply, so Apple stepped in to help develop a more efficient manufacturing process for a key supplier, boosting output by almost 4,000% since last April. It saw output rise from thousands per week to over a million.

Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund provided COPAN Diagnostics with both manufacturing expertise and a capital injection of $10M…

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How COVID has changed smartphone usage – temporarily or permanently

How COVID has changed smartphone usage

The coronavirus crisis has changed many things. People working from home, school closures, hospitality restrictions and more. It’s no surprise, then, to find that smartphone usage has also changed.

A Kantar study found that some of these changes were temporary, shifting back and forth in line with lockdowns – but other changes appear permanent, or at least longer-lasting …

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All UK contact tracing apps now compatible; Gibraltar too

UK contact tracing apps

All UK contact tracing apps are now compatible, working across borders.

The UK has separate coronavirus apps for each of England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. All three are built using the joint Apple/Google API, and two of them are based on the same core source code which has been made open-source to facilitate easier interoperability between apps …

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US contact tracing apps still a mess, despite Apple’s efforts

US contact tracing apps

US contact tracing apps are still a mess, says a new report today, despite efforts by Apple and Google to make it as simple as possible for countries and US states to use their API.

We’ve been tracking adoption of the joint Apple/Google API by US states, with just eleven having done so as of our last update at the beginning of the month … Update: Michigan has just launched its app.

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