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Apple Store smash-and-grab Canadian style with bear spray

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CarryingBearSprayNov2010The Vancouver Sun reported┬ápolice in Vancouver, British Columbia are currently on the lookout for three suspects involved in a robbery of the Oakridge Mall Apple Store on Monday night. The suspects apparently entered the store at 7 p.m. “blasting bear spray then taking off with a number of items” while around 40 customers were still in the store:

Five customers were treated at the scene by paramedics for inhaling the powerful spray, the release said.

“Officers arrived and searched the area for the suspects with the help of a police K-9 unit,” VPD spokesman Const. Brian Montague said in a news release. “Some of the stolen items were recovered, but police were not able to find the three men responsible.”

Authorities are asking anyone with information to contact the┬áVancouver Police Department. There’s no word on what exactly the suspects got away with.

(image via CTV)