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Purported (brief) video claims to show light blue ‘iPhone 5C’ in action

Similar in style to the previous purported iPhone 5C hands-on video, website CTech has uploaded a new video claiming to show the light blue/cyan iPhone 5C in action.

It’s unclear if the video is legitimate, but it certainly looks plausible. The video shows no new information, but the leak of the device is notable as it likely means that the product will be shipping sooner than later. The user interface on the low-cost device running iOS 7 appears smooth in the video.

The video shows the Lock screen, Home screen, and a bit of tab organization in the Safari app. The iPhone 5C will be announced at the Apple event tomorrow, and it will launch alongside the higher-end iPhone 5S, which will sport a faster processor, fingerprint scanner, and come in a gold color option.