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3D motion sensor promises instant sports analysis on your iPhone


You’ve long been able to get wireless sports sensors that transmit data to your iPhone: heart-rate, cadence and so on. Zepp Labs has now taken the concept one step further with a small, lightweight sensor that captures data on your baseball, golf or tennis swing, providing an instant analysis and data-logging.

The 17g 6g sensor, which attaches to a glove, contains 2 accelerometers, a gyroscope and compass. The rechargeable battery allows five hours of continuous use. The Zepp Multi-Sport Training System is expected to be available next month for $150.


Sensors definitely appear to be the new black. The iPhone 5s features the M7 chip, which captures sensor data while the main A7 chip takes a nap, and the long-awaited iWatch is widely expected to major on sensors, Apple recently hiring a key Nike Fuel Band designer to work on wearable products.

The M7 chip could do all this right now, but you’d have to duct-tape it to your glove … It’s our bet that the iWatch will offer the same functionality, it’s just a question of how long we might have to wait for that.