Developement Stories July 26, 2018


Last month, Apple updated its Design Resources to include new iOS 12 elements. Now, the company has released even more new resources, including AppKit UI elements, watchOS elements, and more.

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Developement Stories July 5, 2018

Apple hosting event in Israel about a Design Verification Engineering course

In partnership with the Israel Tech Challenge, Apple is co-hosting an event at its Israel headquarters to discuss a new Design Verification Engineering course. This course will be a ten month-long program.

Developement Stories August 1, 2016

Introducing the 9to5Mac Academy: Tech, business, and software improvement courses at great prices

We’re excited to announce the launch of the 9to5Mac Academy ( In addition to our all around Apple coverage, you’re now able to score a myriad of tech, business, and software and improvement courses at great prices…

Developement Stories February 22, 2016

apple-music In his security and privacy post regarding iOS’s current music library, Ben Dodson adds a small addendum explaining that with iOS 9.3 apps can now add music that currently exists in the Apple Music catalog directly to a user’s music library. While a small and under-discussed feature, it opens up further possibilities for many different kinds of apps and application developers. expand full story

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