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Another vehicular smash-and-grab robbery hits Kansas Apple Store

A Leawood, Kan., Apple Store was the victim of another smash-and-grab robbery this week. Suspects backed a stolen green Dodge Intrepid into the store as a battering ram and were able to make off on foot with some merchandise before police arrived. Every device that thieves made off with is a GPS-positioning device, as the report mentioned, so it should not be hard for Apple to track them.

This marks the second time this particular Kansas Apple Store has been hit with a vehicle smash-and-grab. In 2010, the same method was used to grab merchandise. Apple set up a security fence in the Kansas store (as it has in most stores) that is the same security used at overseas U.S. embassies, according to a former Apple employee. Unfortunately, they do not seem to stop vehicles at high speeds.

Last month, a Temecula, Calif., Apple Store was smashed with a BMW SUV (video here).

Perhaps Apple should get the word out to prospective thieves (commercial?) that all of its products are traceable and therefore worthless on the black market.

Two more videos of the incident below: