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Want to know who unfollowed or unfriended you? There’s an app for that.

That hurts, Zac.

That hurts, Zac.


Your follow count is dropping fast, but who are the ones that are unfollowing you? Was it spammers who don’t matter or was it Scoble who grew tired of your tweets? With the free Friend Check app, you can find out.

Once you install the app and give it permission to access your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram account, it will take a snapshot of your followers, mutual, and following lists. At any time, you can create a new snapshot and compare that to the previous one. The screenshot above shows the exact snapshot where fellow 9to5Mac reporter Zac Hall decided to unfollow me (only to test the app, of course!).

The only “con” I’ve found with this app is that they give you step-by-step instructions for literally everything the first time you use it. It is tiresome at first, but from then on it’s smooth-sailing unfollower goodness.

Friend Check is currently free to download in the App Store. You can add one account of each service or pay the 99 cents in-app purchase to enable multi-account support.