Several reporting iPad mini will ship and hit stores Nov. 2

We still cannot confirm, but we heard whispers of a Nov. 2 iPad mini release date. This is based on several retail scheduling anomalies. As the announcement of the iPad mini approaches, TechCrunch, iMoreiFun, and Geeky Gadgets additionally claim Nov. 2 is when the 7.85-inch device will hit stores and ship to customers who pre-ordered. Geeky Gadgets reported:

Our source, who is someone close to a major UK retailer, and has been reliable in the past, has told us that Apple will start selling the new iPad Mini on Friday the 2nd of November, the device will be available in the US And UK on this date, possibly some other countries as well.

That would mean just a week and a half passing, if released on Nov. 2, after the announcement. Since it is close to the holiday season, a quick release may make sense.


Apple is holding a press event Oct. 23 to announce the iPad mini, 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, refreshed iMac (Retina unlikely), and Mac mini. More details as we get them.