Giphy Stories May 15, 2020

Giphy Alternatives iPhone and delte Giphy iMessage app

Facebook just announced that it purchased Giphy and all across the Internet, users quickly committed to ditching the service. If you’re concerned about the service being owned by Facebook, follow along for the best Giphy alternatives for iPhone and how to delete the iMessage Giphy app.

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Facebook buy Giphy

In a surprise move, Facebook has announced today that it is purchasing the popular GIF service Giphy. The deal is worth about $400M and Facebook’s initial plan will be to tie the GIF platform tightly with Instagram.

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Giphy Stories February 25, 2020

Jif and Giphy team up for limited-edition peanut butter to settle the GIF pronunciation debate

Peanut butter powerhouse Jif and popular GIF service Giphy have teamed up to create a limited run of special 40-ounce jars of peanut butter with double-sided JIF/GIF labels to “settle the great debate over how to pronounce GIF.”

Giphy Stories March 4, 2019

GIPHY now lets you share custom GIFs and stickers from iMessage

GIPHY for iOS has today received an update that brings improved functionality to the iMessage app and also offers a better experience to users when loading GIFs on a slow network.

Giphy Stories December 11, 2018

Giphy iOS update integrates TrueDepth camera for personalized stickers, adds universal keyboard

Giphy for iOS has received a new update today adding a keyboard for universal iOS GIF searching and integration with Apple’s TrueDepth camera system, offering users the ability to create custom stickers with their face.

Giphy Stories March 11, 2018


Earlier this year, both Snapchat and Instagram added integration with popular GIF service Giphy, allowing users to add the stickers to their posts and stories. As first reported by TechCrunch, however, both social networks have now removed that integration due to a GIF with a racial slur…

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