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Glendale Galleria

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Starbucks? Apple opens another Store across the street from the original

Depending who you ask, the Tyson’s Corner Virginia or Glendale Galleria California Apple stores were the first and second Apple stores to open and have gained landmark status as a result.  This week, the LATimes is reported that Apple is opening an Apple Store right across the street from the original Glendale Galleria Store at the new Americana at Brand shopping center.  This is notable for at least one of the following two reasons:

  1. It will be the first time Apple has opened a Store across the street from another Apple Store, which will surely be compared to the absurd density of some Starbucks locations.
  2. If Apple is instead moving/relocating across the street, it will mean one of Apple’s original Stores will be closed down.  That would be especially tragic since many people view the Glendale Galleria Apple Store as the original.

Though the LA Times frames the situation as “An additional Store”, the second option is given some weight as the Nordstom at the Glendale Galleria is closing up shop and moving across the street.  Apple is already hiring for positions at the new store…