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Hong Kong carrier seeks judicial review of Apple’s iPhone network locking practices

After discovering the iPhone 5 would not function on its fourth-generation network, Hong Kong Telecom, a unit of telecommunications operator PCCW Ltd., filed a complaint with regulators in the country seeking a review of Apple’s iPhone locking practices. The Wall Street Journal reported HKT is now after a review from the courts regarding the way its initial complaint was handled. This could lead to a legal case against Apple’s over its locking policies:

HKT is seeking a judicial review of the way in which the regulator has dealt with the case. The regulator declined to comment on the case, citing current litigation.If the court chooses to grant a judicial review, it would open the way to the city’s first legal challenge of Apple’s locking practices in Hong Kong.

Bloomberg added that PCCW requested regulators investigate the blocking of iPhones on certain carriers including China Mobile and its own HKT:

Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone 5 is blocked from connecting to the fourth-generation wireless networks of PCCW and China Mobile Ltd. (941), while the smartphone can connect to rivals’ 4G high-speed networks, Hong Kong-based PCCW said in court documents obtained by Bloomberg News and dated Feb. 20… PCCW asked the regulator to investigate the locking of the smartphone, which restricts subscribers through SIM cards programmed to work with particular carrier networks, according to the documents.