Horween Leather Stories June 20, 2016

Nomad adds iPhone 6/6s cases to its new Horween Leather collection

Last week Apple accessory maker Nomad launched a new collection of Horween Leather-made products starting with two Lightning plus battery-equipped wallets. Today Nomad is expanding that collection with a new iPhone 6/6s case made with high quality leather from the Chicago company.

Horween Leather Stories June 13, 2016


Nomad Wallet

Nomad already makes some of the most versatile and practical accessories for Apple hardware, and now the California company is teaming up with Chicago’s Horween Leather Company to offer some high quality and stylish gear. The two companies are starting with new versions of Wallet, Nomad’s ordinary billfold that cleverly tucks a 2400mAh rechargeable battery and Lightning cable within, now available in two sizes and wrapped in Horween leather.

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