Kiwi for Gmail Stories April 22, 2020

Kiwi for G Suite adds Google Cloud Search, new contacts interface, and more third-party integrations

Kiwi for G Suite, the popular application for using Gmail on macOS is out with version 3.0 today with features aimed at extending G Suite in the enterprise. Kiwi is used by many of the Fortune 100 G Suite customers as a way to balance the needs of web-based email with the features of native applications.

Kiwi for Gmail Stories November 14, 2018

Kiwi for Gmail launches new Focused Filtered inbox

There are a lot of people I talk with that love Apple hardware, but also love Google services (especially Gmail). One of the downsides to using Gmail in a Chrome or Safari window is you miss out on a lot of benefits of using a native email app. Using an app like Kiwi for Gmail, you can get the benefits of using the Gmail interface (along with Google Drive and its apps) with Mac hardware.

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