GOG.com brings classic PC game catalog to Macs with over 50 titles and counting

Online game retailer GOG.com announced today it is bringing a large portion of its classic game catalog to Macs starting with over 50 titles. The company said half of those games would see their first release ever on OS X today. To celebrate the launch, GOG is offering The Witcher 2 at 25 percent off and is promising to release one or more new Mac titles per week in the future. There are also a number of games available for 50 percent off or free:

The Witcher Enhanced Edition, Crusader: No Remorse, Theme Hospital, Little Big Adventure, Postal Classic and Uncut, and Simcity 2000 are all available for 50% off–that’s as little as $2.99 for the best games in history until Thursday, October 25…  The 8 free games for Mac gamers include retro-cool point-and-click adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky, action-packed top-down shooter Tyrian 2000, legendary RPG Ultima IV, and multiplayer FPS Warsow, among others.

The company’s full press release is below: