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Magnetic audio connector

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Kickstarter campaign aims to introduce MagSafe-style audio connections (if it survives Apple’s lawyers …)


Apple has in the past not looked kindly on companies offering MagSafe adapters for their products, but with a magnetic connection for audio rather than power, and Apple starting to move from MagSafe to USB-C, perhaps a new Kickstarter campaign might make it.

Magzet is a two-part magnetic kit for 3.5mm audio connections. One half is designed to remain in the audio socket (and cleverly manages to avoid cutting sound to the speaker when there’s nothing connected to it), the other attaches to your headphone jack. Once in place, it breaks away cleanly like MagSafe if you walk away from the device while still wearing your headphones.

The prototype is clunky, and I wouldn’t personally want to leave the jack in permanently, but they are aiming to make it smaller, and it will definitely save some devices. You can reserve a Magzet kit by backing it from $20 plus shipping.