Want to be in the Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie? Here’s how to be an extra this week…

We received an interesting tip this weekend. Apparently, Steve Jobs—the movie with Ashton Kutcher—is filming two important crowd scenes in Pasadena, Calif. this week.

The scenes we’re part of will be the 1983 PC Conference (Monday the 16th) and the 1977 Computer Jobs Faire (Tuesday the 17th)

The movie company is looking for extras to be in those crowds, dressed in “period clothing” (sorry, not the acid scene) as “Businessmen, Computer Nerds, Salesmen, Lookie-Loos.”

Here are some examples of the wardrobe:

The casting company advertises plenty of time with the movie’s stars, including Ashton Kutcher, James Woods, Matthew Modine, Durmot Mulruny and JK Simmons, and we imagine some will want to be a part of the historic scene.

The full details are below: