Microsoft Outlook for iOS Stories December 5, 2018

Microsoft Outlook for iOS gets design update today, with dark mode promised later

Microsoft Outlook for iOS is being updated today with a new design. What you’ll see isn’t a dramatic change, mostly ‘subtle changes here and there’ – with one exception, borrowed from the Android app …

Microsoft Outlook for iOS Stories January 13, 2016


With a growing number of business meetings these days taking place via Skype, Microsoft has made it easier than ever to schedule and join a Skype call in the Outlook iOS app. Version 2.1.3 of the iOS Outlook app adds Skype integration.

Make any meeting a Skype call simply by flicking a switch, then access the call when you need to with just a tap. Now when you say “I’m joining the call now”, you’ll actually mean it. To give it a try, simply turn on the “Skype Meeting” switch when creating or editing an event.

The update also adds a new view designed to provide a clearer sense of your schedule …

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Microsoft Outlook for iOS Stories August 6, 2015

Full Outlook app for Apple Watch lets you see more of your emails, and reply on the Watch

Microsoft’s Outlook for iOS app already included an Apple Watch companion app, but it didn’t do much, merely showing you a tiny snippet of incoming mails. The company has now launched a full app that displays more of each message, allows you to tap for Quick Replies or dictate a full reply using Siri.

So that you don’t get overwhelmed with mail alerts, the app supports custom notifications, allowing you to choose which ones alert you.

The app is installed by updating to the latest version of the iOS app, a free download from iTunes. Other Microsoft Apple Watch apps include OneNote and Powerpoint.

Via The Verge

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