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Flappy Bird will return to App Store in August w/ multiplayer, won’t be as fun


After removing the hit iOS game Flappy Bird from the App Store back in February, the developer confirmed today that the game will make a return in August.

Developer Dong Nguygen confirmed the return date today to CNBC’s Kelly Evans and also claimed that the game would be less addictive, which was originally the main reason he cited for removing the app earlier this year. In addition, the game will also apparently include a multiplayer when making its return to the store.

At its most popular, the original Flappy Bird game was reportedly making as much as $50,000 a day revenue. It didn’t take long for other developers to make clones of the game in order to capitalize on the game’s popularity and many of them remain in the App Store’s top charts for gaming.

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Google Play Game services brings multiplayer to iOS, lets devs offer cross-platform gaming


From 9to5Google:

At this week’s Game Developers Conference Google is announcing number of new features coming to developers through Google Play Game services. Notable for iOS users is the fact that Google has decided to expand its multiplayer features to iOS devs. That means all iOS devs that integrate Google Play Game services into their apps (which already offers sign-in, achievements, leaderboards, cloud saves, and more) will be able to let their players across Android and iOS challenge each other to multiplayer matches.

The new features should become available to developers later this month. Google is updating its Play Games Unity Plug-in to support the new cross-platform multiplayer features as well as “introducing an early Play Games C++ SDK to support achievements and leaderboards.” Google notes the cross-platform multiplayer feature will support both its turn-based and real-time multiplayer modes.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour ‘Meltdown’ update brings new maps, perks, weapons, & multiplayer modes

Modern-Combat-Meltdown-updateA huge update today is available for Gameloft’s popular Modern combat 4: Zero Hour app. The ‘Meltdown’ update brings three new maps, 7 new perks, and much more content to the latest in the Call of Duty-like series for iOS devices.

New maps in the update include a train station and city streets in Barcelona and a research facility in Antarctica, while new weapons on offer include the SFS CTK-12 sniper riffle and the 40mm Thor GLP Grenade Launcher Pistol.

Also included in the update is two new multiplayer modes including “Bomb Squad” where “Attackers must plant a bomb and make sure it goes off before the defenders can defuse it,” and “Destruction” where “Attackers must sabotage a series of devices while the defenders must stop them cold.”

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

Get ready to be blown away by the new Meltdown Update for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour!

√ Fracture: Barcelona Train Station
√ Extraction: Antarctica Research Facility
√ Backfire: Barcelona Streets

√ Ammo Pack: Carry 50% more ammunition
√ Dedication: Dying from explosions doesn’t reset your streak
√ Readied Shot: Crouch to boost accuracy
√ One Last Thing: Drop a grenade whenever you die
√ Gun Expert: Increase reload speed
√ Sentry: Place sinister traps
√ Paragon Destroyer: Trigger deadly explosions when shooting machinery

√ SFS CTK-12 – Charbtek Special Forces Sniper Rifle
√ 40mm Thor GLP – Grenade Launcher Pistol

√ Bomb Squad: Attackers must plant a bomb and make sure it goes off before the defenders can defuse it
√ Destruction: Attackers must sabotage a series of devices while the defenders must stop them cold

√ Edit your signature to display your clan prefix
√ Random quick match: Play a ranked game in the first mode available
√ Turkish language support
√ Many balancing changes: Visit the website for all the details

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iPhone & iPad now available on the App Store

We told you that XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a critically acclaimed game of the year on PC and consoles from 2K Games, would be arriving in the App Store starting tomorrow on June 20. However, today the game has already started hitting App Stores around the world at the expected price of $20 USD. The game of course features enhanced controls specifically suited for the touch screen, but otherwise aims to bring the full XCOM: EU experience to iOS devices:


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Popular ‘Dots’ iPhone game updated with iPad support, new multiplayer mode, more


The extremely popular ‘Dots: A Game About Connecting’ title for iPhone, which happen to hit around 100 million games played in just a couple weeks after its launch last month, today received an update that brings the title to the larger screen with support for iPad.

Not only is Dots coming to iPad users today, developer Betaworks One is also rolling out a new multiplayer mode that allows users to pass their “iOS device between friends to compete on the same board.”

The iTunes release notes also mention that “Shrinkers now 5 / 500 dots to balance gameplay.” One thing to keep in mind: One commenter warns that on iPad dots are “so tiny now you can barely see the dots never mind connect them.”

A future update to the app will also include a new “Timeless mode.”

The update includes a couple other performance improvements as well:

What’s New in Version 1.7

What’s New
· iPad Support!
· Multiplayer mode! Pass your iOS device between friends to compete on the same board.
· High-contrast color options for color blind players

Heads Up
· Shrinkers now 5 / 500 dots to balance gameplay

Bug Fixes
· No more repeating colors dropping
· Fixes to the high score system
· Ability to disconnect from Twitter/Facebook

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Elite Edition now available on Mac, includes additional DLC


XCOM Enemy unknown-Elite-boxshot ENFiraxis and 2K Games have officially launched the critically acclaimed XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Mac today. Known as the Elite Edition, the Feral ported Mac version will come with the base game, the Slingshot Pack, the Elite Soldier Pack and the Second Wave update as well as some wallpapers and the soundtrack for $49.99.

The Slingshot and Elite Soldier DLC brings additional character customization as well as extra council missions and the “Shaojie Zhang” soldier. The Second Wave update introduced a host of new game modifiers that add a lot more flexibility to the experience.

Just like the game’s Windows release, the Mac version will also include the LAN and online multiplayer options. Keep your eye out for the re-reveal of the highly anticipated XCOM shooter expected to be detailed in the coming days (and iOS version of Enemy Unknown coming this summer).

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Elite Edition (Mac) $49.99


Gameloft’s ‘N.O.V.A 3’ lands in App Store with impressive console-quality visuals

Gameloft has done a pretty good job of promoting the latest title in its Halo-inspired sci-fi FPS franchise known as “N.O.V.A- Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance.” Yesterday, it launched a new trailer for the iOS game (above), and today the follow-up to the first two critically acclaimed games, N.O.V.A 3, is finally going live on the App Store.

With vastly improved visuals thanks to real-time dynamic lighting and shadows, “movie-like” depth of field effects, and improved ragdoll physics, the new game is even closer to console-quality graphics and one of best looking iOS titles we have seen since Unreal Engine-powered Infinity Blade. New features include 12-player multiplayer on six maps, enhanced vehicle gameplay, and a ton of new weapons and enemies.

The universal app is already live on the New Zealand App Store for $9.99 and should hit the U.S. store any minute now. We will keep you updated.

A full list of new features below: