New Apple Store at QuakerBridge Mall near Princeton, NJ opening Saturday (Updated)

9to5Mac reader @TylerBiedka over the weekend visited the upcoming site of a new Apple Store at the QuakerBridge Mall just a few miles south of Princeton, NJ.

It has been speculation that Apple will be opening a new store in the newly upgraded QuakerBridge Mall, just 5 miles south of Princeton University sometime this fall.
It seems as though they might be ahead of schedule. I was there just last night, and the traditional black barrier was up with the logo and website. Although today was a different story. The black barrier was gone, the steel frame is exposed, and just the glass is covered in black wrap. (Please see attached images).
In addition, as I walked up to the store, my iPhone 5 picked up on the Apple Store wifi. It seems as though the store will be open early to mid july. (Please see attached wifi screenshot).

The new store site hasn’t exactly been a secret but with a working Wifi and the telltale black signage, it would appear that the Autumn opening speculation might be a bit conservative.

Update: (June 25th) The Store page has gone live indicating that it will open on Saturday morning.