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Best Apple deals found 3-9 months after launch


An analysis of discount patterns by Dealnews reveals the not entirely surprising news that the best deals on Apple products are typically to be had 3 to 9 months after launch.

While waiting that long for a product you don’t yet own may be a considerable test of one’s patience, savings of up to $350 may be sufficient incentive to delay upgrading an existing device until a little way down the road.

The best discounts on current products were found to be:

  • MacBook Pro 15″ Retina: $350 saving at 9 months
  • MacBook Air 11″: $199 at 7 months
  • iPad: $59 at 1 month
  • iPad Mini: $29 at 5 months
  • iPhone: $73 @ 3 months
  • iPod Touch: $50 at 3 months …

Of course, discount level isn’t the only factor you’ll want to consider in choosing when to buy. The strength of the existing model and likely time to the next refresh will also be key. You can find our reviews, times since refresh and a roundup of the best U.S. prices in the 9to5Mac product roundup. (Via Dealnews.)