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Redeem iTunes card with camera

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Redeem iTunes cards using camera in iOS 7


The App Store in iOS 7 now allows you to redeem iTunes cards using your camera, a feature added to iTunes 11 on the Mac back in November last year.

The ability to read barcodes is now built into iOS 7, allowing other developers – not just Apple – to take advantage of it. There are, of course, already a whole bunch of shopping apps that scan barcodes, but it’ll now be something any developer can easily add to any relevant app.¬†Apple has incorporated the barcode reader into Passbook, allowing for manual adding of coupons that don’t yet offer a Passbook card.

If you spot any other interesting new features not already covered in our video walk-through and features and details piece, please let us know. But not, please, that the clock icon is now live …