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Springpad for iOS updated with customized smart notebook templates

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Springpad, the popular personal organizer app, makes it even easier to stay organized with their latest update by introducing customized notebook templates. These themed notebooks include different categories: Recipes, For Later, Tasks, Work Project, Holiday Gift Planner, Books, Movies, and Home Improvement. These templates are great for helping unorganized people get organized.

Some of these templates are “smart templates,” meaning that the app knows the information you are putting in and either organizes it for you or provides you with more information. My family goes out to the movies frequently during the holiday season. Using the Movies template, entering ┬ámovies we want to see automatically organizes them based on whether each movie is playing in theaters, available to stream on Netflix, or available to rent. Another new template, the Holiday Gift Planner makes it easier to come up with your shopping list. When entering items, you are able to either scan the product’s bar code or type it in manually. This allows you to look up more information about the product and quickly buy it. If you are buying tech-related gifts, don’t forget to check out 9to5Mac for product reviews and 9to5Toys for the best deals this holiday season.


Springpad is a free app available for iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle and on the web.