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#standwithapple rallies take place at Apple Stores across the country, though in small numbers


Digital rights non-profit Fight for the Future held rallies at Apple Stores in all 50 states yesterday to demonstrate support for Apple’s stand against the FBI, though USA Today reports that only single digit numbers of protesters were seen at most locations. The largest number was in San Francisco, where around 50 protesters gathered, with almost half as many journalists interviewing them.

A group of about 50 protesters lined the edges of Apple’s downtown store, being busily interviewed by more than 20 journalists. They were serenaded by Bonnie Lockhart, 68 and Nancy Schimmel, 80, who sang hastily re-written songs such as “Don’t break our phones, we shall not be moved,” and “The Eyes of the FBI are On You,” to the tune of “I’ve been working on the railroad.”

Apple’s flagship store on New York’s 5th Avenue saw only around eight protesters, and at some Apple Stores protesters with glitter signs were apparently alone, having to resort to selfies to capture the event.

Sign selfies be hard, yo. #StandWithApple

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The limited numbers shouldn’t, though, be taken as lack of support for Apple’s position. In our own poll, 86% of you thought Apple was right, though this was down from the 93% support we saw for Apple’s strong line on encryption in a poll taken prior to the shootings. A public poll was less definitive, with 51% coming down on the side of the FBI, 38% backing Apple and 11% undecided.

Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA Today