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Forbes lists some untold Steve Jobs stories

With CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs.

Forbes just published a piece on the “Untold Stories About Steve Jobs,” as the late Apple cofounder’s one-year anniversary since his death looms around the corner; and while many of the anecdotes are never-heard-before memories from acquaintances, most provide only shallow insights into the innovator’s working mind.

A few of the notable memories:

  • Hide The Porsches | Software engineer Randy Adams detailed a few occasions about his NeXT days, specifically referring to when Jobs told him to hide their Porches as to not scare off investors and even commanding unsatisfactory employees to fire themselves at times.
  • Scuff Marks in the Mini-Store | According to a source named “C.G.,” Jobs met with reporters —in his first public appearance since having surgery in 2004—at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, Calif. to unveil a new  “mini” store design. Jobs reportedly had a “meltdown” before the unveiling, because the store walls had dirty handprints and the floors were littered with scuffmarks.
  • They’ll Get Used To It | Venture Capitalist Marc Andreessen recalled how he asked Jobs in 2006, after playing with an iPhone prototype, if typing on a screen is practical. The Apple cofounder sternly said consumers would “get used to it.”
  • Blunt, But With Taste | Apple’s chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki explained a time when Jobs, who showed up with a friend, asked for his opinion on Knoware software. Kawasaki gave his negative first impressions, and then Jobs introduced his friend as the CEO of Knoware.
  • A Little Hand In the Screen | Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, while only pinpointing one moment with Jobs at a lavish party, for which the late CEO still only donned his Levi’s, fondly summarized Jobs’ intensity and their shared “philosophical relationship” about big ideas.
  • A Christmas Story | Apple original marketing chief Regis McKenna explained how Jobs once saved Christmas—after one of his five newly-bought iMacs failed to work—by convincing a dealer to go against Apple policy and replace a defective desktop for his granddaughter.

Check it out for more: Forbes — Untold Stories About Steve Jobs: Friends and Colleagues Share Their Memories