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Stunt Car Racer

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iHelicopter maker launches iPhone controlled Stunt Car Racer

From the makers of iOS-controlled iHelicopter (and its souped up cousin aptly named the Cobra) comes a new iOS-friendly toy that will have you revved up for some cool stunts. Tapping the accelerometer sensor, the Stunt Car Racer uses your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as the steering wheel. A free app works with the RF transmitter dongle (plugs in the headphone jack) that uses radio waves to communicate with your race car at up to 20 meters, and up to three people can race each other in the same area because it supports three different frequency bands. The vendor boasts the robust structure that lets you make “crazy stunts.”

We will not take it for granted until we get our hands on the Stunt Car Racer, of course. If the iHelicopter thing is anything to go by, the Stunt Car Racer will not disappointconstruction quality-wise. Interested? The Stunt Car Racer is available now in exchange for $49.95, and the company is spoiling buyers with free shipping to any destination in the world. Spec sheet follows the break.