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Ruby for Reddit: A simple client for iPhone [Review]


Today, HalfPeeled has released a third party client for Reddit, Ruby for Reddit, that makes the already unique experience of browsing the community-based entertainment website extremely simple. The company, which is headed up by WWDC Student Scholarship recipient Nate Chiger, is also responsible for the neat panoramic photo sharing app, PanoPerfect, as well as a few other interesting apps that are worth checking out. Before we jump into the app’s functionality, let’s take a moment to talk a bit about Reddit. If you’re already familiar with what Reddit is, feel free to skip this paragraph below and jump down to the review.

For those who are unfamiliar, Reddit is a social news website that empowers users to submit content in the form of a text or link post and vote on the best submitted content. Often referred to as “the front page of the Internet,” Reddit prompts users to actively engage in ‘up voting’ or ‘down voting’ submissions so that the greatest, most interesting content can rise to the top of the page. In doing so, the site encourages users to submit all sorts of posts — from world news to cat .gifs — so that the site and its community can vote and subsequently engage in conversation about almost anything there is to talk about. In doing so, Reddit has formed its own unique culture and community that have shed some light on incredible stories and have even given way to powerful, life-changing actions. Reddit has no barrier to entry (other than signing up for an account) and can make even the most slow days seem interesting. In short, if you haven’t yet perused the site or don’t already have an account, you should probably check it out and sign up for one free of charge. It’ll certainly make this review a whole lot more interesting.

Now that you’re all caught up on Reddit, let’s get back to the app. Ruby for Reddit features a extremely simple and familiar user interface that puts Reddit’s content at the center. You can switch between different subreddits (groups on Reddit based on categories) and pages by tapping on the top bar or by swiping out the navigation panel, much like the official Facebook app. You can also view images inline and pinch to see content in full screen. There are even some custom fonts for you to choose from and a dark mode that makes viewing posts easier at night.

HalfPeeled has also included a ‘Pro’ mode (unlocked via in-app purchase) that lets you submit quick posts to Reddit and hide the status bar from view. You can get by without purchasing the Pro mode, but it’s there for users who enjoy using the app and are looking for some extra customization.

All in all, Ruby for Reddit is an extremely straightforward alternative to the official Reddit app, which doesn’t offer many customization options or other additional functionality. HalfPeeled may have to add some features to better compete with other third party Reddit clients like Alien Blue, as well as tweak some of the design elements to prepare for iOS 7’s redesign, but for version one, Ruby for Reddit is great client that many users will enjoy. You can download Ruby for Reddit (iPhone only) free on the App Store here.